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Juliana Imai looking very natural, Chinese Vogue Editorial

Juliana Imai Chinese Vogue editorial

Hyoni & Hye Park Korean Vogue cover – April 2008

Hyoni & Hye Park Korean Vogue cover

The very beautiful, Asian Top model Liu Wen poses for March 2008 Belle Magazine Cover

Liu Wen Belle Magazine

Liu Wen here again with Enna Pei on the cover of Chinese Elle in Cinderella gowns

Liu Wen and Enna Pei Chinese Elle

I haven’t watched “who’s line is it anyway” in years, probably not even on anymore, but this supermodel / waiter sketch is hysterical. So this is a comedy sketch from Drew Carey’s old show showing an incompetent waiter spilling on a model.

Colin attempts to direct as Ryan plays an incompetent waiter who spills something on temperamental supermodel, Wayne. Chip plays the angry husband who comes in to confront Ryan.

Yep, its not easy being a supermodel and walking down a slick, slippery fashion runway in sky high stilettos. This is a compilation video of some very embarrassing stiletto moments and runway spills on the shiny slick fashion catwalks around the world. Check out the model in the giant white… I am not even sure what it is… getup, I can’t believe she did not fall in that. wow, painful to watch. And, there is another runway spill there in the video that looks like a baseball player sliding into home, yikes. Yep, fashion may in fact hurt…your butt that is.

This video also contains a short interview with Ms. Jay Alexander, from ANTM America’s Next Top Model and famous runway coach giving his 2 cents.

famous fashion runway models falling moments.