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Fashion Models and the Hottest Designer Trends

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The story about how Audrey Hepburn became Givenchy’s Muse goes as so… Givenchy got a message saying that Miss Hepburn was in his shop waiting for a fitting, exited about having the legendary Katherine Hepburn there he came out to find not Kate, But Audrey Hepburn to his surprise.

Their relationship grew and Audrey Hepburn became Givenchi’s prime model and of course the face of Givenchi in a time when starlets, not models, showed off the designer clothes.

In most of the old photos of Audrey’s appearances, she is usually wearing Givenchi and Audrey went on to make his most famous ads. It’s actually hard to find a photo of her in Black and white wher she is not wearing Givenchi.

Those ad campaigns and photos are so popular that people have tried to recreate them as in this photo of model Model Romilly Collins wears the black Givenchy dress made for Audrey Hepburn in the classic 1961 film ‘Breakfast at Tiffanys. Romilly tried to recreate the pose that audrey was in in her dress. That Givenchi dress sold for around $88k at auction at Christies in London, 2006.

A few of Audrey’s dresses have been auctioned.

Emilio Pucci pastel dress from 1960

Lets jump back a few decades to the incredibly colorful 1960′s. This is a great decade for fashion and a store called decades actually has these dresses for sale. The 1960′s was all about

the mini and designers used the craziest of prints and gorgeous saturated color to make 1960 one of the more memorable decades for fashion. Designers at the time not only had to make the garment work, but match up prints and make them work as well. It almost seems that trying to piece a dress together from some of these elaborate prints is almost like doing a jig saw puzzle, every printed piece has to fall exactly into place to pull it off. Unlike solids where all the fabric is

identical and can be used, these loud prints must be cut and placed exactly, the tiniest of mistakes and nothing lines up.

check em out…

Emilio Pucci print mini dress from the 1960′s, this dress was sold through decades.

This is the back of the Emilio Pucci dress

Another gorgeously 60′s dress from Emilio Pucci. I love the attention to the print and the aqua trim.

Vintage Emilio Pucci print dress

Here is a photo of the detail in the top of this Pucci dress

Emilio Pucci, yes, 1960′s print dress of silk crepe

We all know that hats and gloves were the rage of the 40′s and 50′s. I mean, you weren’t anyone and definitely not stylish with out a cap of some kind grazing over your forehead.

How about a book on your head? hey, it’s a hat and it may help your posture as well.

Classic models in, what else, vintage hats

Balenciaga is a Design house that has made it through half a century. The garments designed by Balenciaga in the 1950′s are absolutely exquisite and really show off the fine craftsmanship and complete attention to the tiniest of detail. The following black and white photos are all from the 1950′s or early 60′s and reflect the high waisted, very finished look that was all about elegance, grace and glamor. Unlike the free-er 60′s fashion that followed, the models of the 50′s had their hair up and back in exquisite hats to finish off a very polished and refined look. I love this look, especially the gloves that women wore as the final touch.

Vintage Balenciaga Gown

The 60′s are one of the more memorable fashion decades of the last century. the 60′s saw the coming of full living color and with color photography came incredible prints and fashion color. The 1960′s saw the coming of the first supermodel, Twiggy, and a whole new look that would shape fashion and style for many years to come.

The 1950′s were full of well tailored, slim skirts, tweed was big. The free flowing, free thinking 60′s brought free flowing fashion as well.  Skirts and dresses became more free form, free and flowing. Tightly fitted suits became a thing of the past and women seemed happy with softer fabrics and much more comfort and movement in their garments. Fabrics became more shear and swim suits got a bit smaller… lets check em out.

Twiggy is still a fashion icon today and I gotta admit I really enjoy her on the show “America’s Next Top Model” where she has been on the judging panel. The 1960′s were an awesome time for high fashion and I would love to see a return to some of that 1960′s wild print style.

The looks below from the sixties are just gorgeous, and the models look absolutely insane, this is before computer photo retouching…

1960′s print from Verucshka, around 1964

Emilio Pucci in 1966 shows a lot more skin than the previous decade

Verucshka 1966, full of color and very 1960′s

1968 suit by Mila Schoen

Model Susan Murray in a gorgeous blue print dress – 1960′s fashion

Verucshka in 1965

A gorgeous sheer yellow dress on a model with the classic 1960′s long straight hair

A pretty insane print from the mid 60′s

Who doesn’t love Dior? ahhh, nobody. Vintage fashion is great, especially from the times of Christian Dior dressing the starlets. Christian Dior was a master of fine tailoring, no wonder his line is crazy sick popular today… Hey, I am wearing Dior undies at the moment and loving it.

Yep, I think they are. Check out some of these great vintage stilettos…

Herbert Levine Vintage Stiletto from 1950 ish

from 1950 vintage herbert levine stiletto

Vintage red stilettos

Vintage sling backs

Now, lets check out some of the new stiletto shoes…

Here is a pair of patent red sky high stilettos.. super sexy.

Yves Saint Laurent also has some sky high stiletto numbers, check out these with the stars. Most likely not the shoe you want when looking for comfort. I could last… ohhh… 5 mins in those things.

The ever so popular a few years back, stripper stilettos. Wearing these crazy high heals will make you at least a few inches taller, and, I hear, these are way more comfortable than the non-platform ones. I suppose they may be, if you can dance around a pole for hours in these puppies.

Wanna walk on your tippie toes? check out these very awesome dominatrix sandals.