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The 60′s are one of the more memorable fashion decades of the last century. the 60′s saw the coming of full living color and with color photography came incredible prints and fashion color. The 1960′s saw the coming of the first supermodel, Twiggy, and a whole new look that would shape fashion and style for many years to come.

The 1950′s were full of well tailored, slim skirts, tweed was big. The free flowing, free thinking 60′s brought free flowing fashion as well.  Skirts and dresses became more free form, free and flowing. Tightly fitted suits became a thing of the past and women seemed happy with softer fabrics and much more comfort and movement in their garments. Fabrics became more shear and swim suits got a bit smaller… lets check em out.

Twiggy is still a fashion icon today and I gotta admit I really enjoy her on the show “America’s Next Top Model” where she has been on the judging panel. The 1960′s were an awesome time for high fashion and I would love to see a return to some of that 1960′s wild print style.

The looks below from the sixties are just gorgeous, and the models look absolutely insane, this is before computer photo retouching…

1960′s print from Verucshka, around 1964

Emilio Pucci in 1966 shows a lot more skin than the previous decade

Verucshka 1966, full of color and very 1960′s

1968 suit by Mila Schoen

Model Susan Murray in a gorgeous blue print dress – 1960′s fashion

Verucshka in 1965

A gorgeous sheer yellow dress on a model with the classic 1960′s long straight hair

A pretty insane print from the mid 60′s

Twiggy is one of our centuries best known models and many say she is the original supermodel. Her huge eyes are unforgettable and she graced the covers of just about every magazine from fashion to newsweek during the 1960′s.

Twiggy is one of these rare beauties whose eyes really do tell a story and we all can’t help but stare at them looking for more. I would imagine that is what made her so popular and hes kept her a style icon till today.

Twiggy then and now…

Check out these very stylish vintage black & white pics of fashion & modeling between 1915 and 1950. I gotta say fashion looked so well made and so stylish. I gotta admit, that time period looks so very elegant, the fashion and the poses make the clothing look almost regal.

1920′s style

1919 fashion model wearing a large hat

1925 Vogue

Dior from 1947

Givenchy gown from the “I Love Lucy” days of high hollywood glamour

Audrey Hepburn Models Givenchy Gown

Hats were all the rage in the 1950′s and hollywood actresses were the supermodels.

Again, reminds me of the “i Love Lucy” episode where the designer needed the “stars” wives to model their own clothes. Supermodels and fashion models pretty much started around the 1960′s with Twiggy paving the way. Here is Twiggy, the first, real supermodel of the century. Twiggy opened the door for the modeling craze of the 80′s and the coming of the Cheryls.