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Fashion Models and the Hottest Designer Trends

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Yep, David Beckham has been seen on printed pages modeling, what else? underwear.


with a body like that, maybe he is making the right carreer choice with the underwear modeling… Calvin Klien, watch out.

model and acting castings

You can’t start off a “do you remember” fashion post without bringing in the Swan. Yep, at the top of the unforgettable list is Bjork wearing “dead swan”. These are my picks, I am sure I missed a few awesome dresses but these are definately the ones I will always remember… for the good or the bad.

Cher at the Oscars in her very see through dress that made the headlines and left little to anyones imagination.

The Bob Mackie dress worn by Cher, it will never be forgotten

Halle Berry in 2004 left viewers speechless in this gown

Grace Kelly in Blue

Who can ever forget J-Lo and that plunging neckline in green… Not I.

Liz Taylor and Richard Burton in 1970. Elizabeth Taylor is gorgeous and glamorous as always in a beautifull blue gown.

Salma Hayek in feathers… who can ever forget that. But hey, if anyone can pull it off, it’s her. She looks stunning and took a risk on the gown that is now unforgettable. Also, she gets some extra points for cleaning up and dusting the rug as she walked along.

Gwenyth Paltrow in an adorable gown that makes her look totally HOT!

Charlize Theron taking a fashion risk in this kinda odd design that she pulled off brilliantyly, as always.

Sarah Jessica, not so lucky. I hope she fired her stylist that talked her into that horrific fashion mess… that be some sick shit there.

The red carpet always brings out the hottest designer gowns and sometimes even the dowdiest “what the f” looks, but no matter what, every year we see red on the red carpet and usually it’s very glamorous. Heidi Klum looks like a million in this gorgeous red gown by John Galliano, she wore for the Oscars in 2008.

Nicole Kidman is as glamorous as ever in all red

Katherine Heigl is red hot in Escada

Anne Hathaway in Marchesa red

Sarah Jessica Parker, not at the Oscars but a red carpet of some kind wearing what looks like an Irish plaid tablecloth, maybe the red carpet was stained with dog pee as well? This is a what the hell was she thinking? moment.

Nicole, always the picture of Hollywood glamour

Ruby Dee in red, but very age appropriate and quite hot

The Oscar red of 2008