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Fashion Models and the Hottest Designer Trends

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Tag: Vintage

We all know that hats and gloves were the rage of the 40′s and 50′s. I mean, you weren’t anyone and definitely not stylish with out a cap of some kind grazing over your forehead.

How about a book on your head? hey, it’s a hat and it may help your posture as well.

Classic models in, what else, vintage hats

Balenciaga is a Design house that has made it through half a century. The garments designed by Balenciaga in the 1950′s are absolutely exquisite and really show off the fine craftsmanship and complete attention to the tiniest of detail. The following black and white photos are all from the 1950′s or early 60′s and reflect the high waisted, very finished look that was all about elegance, grace and glamor. Unlike the free-er 60′s fashion that followed, the models of the 50′s had their hair up and back in exquisite hats to finish off a very polished and refined look. I love this look, especially the gloves that women wore as the final touch.

Vintage Balenciaga Gown

Who doesn’t love Dior? ahhh, nobody. Vintage fashion is great, especially from the times of Christian Dior dressing the starlets. Christian Dior was a master of fine tailoring, no wonder his line is crazy sick popular today… Hey, I am wearing Dior undies at the moment and loving it.