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Givenchy seems to be a timeless brand that found its way from 1950′s households (popularized by Audrey Hepburns very glamorous style) all the way to 2008 without ever skipping a beat or losing any fashion and style popularity. The brand just keeps growing and has expanded over the years into many merchandise markets, from perfume all the way to eye glasses.

Below are some famous Givenchy ads for the first perfume, the first of many.

This is the Audrey Hepburn ad from 1957 for Givenchi’s first perfume offering

In 1957 Hubert de Givenchy launched his first scent “L’Interdit”, created for actress Audrey Hepburn ‘forbidden’ or l’interdit in French.

50 years later, Givenchy reissued a line of scents and perfumes called ‘Mythical’ . These are Givenchy scents which are no longer available, except for this limited time. L’Interdit, Le De, Givenchy III, (named after the address of the Givenchy Couture house in Paris) and Eau de Givenchy was available at Harrods in London and this promotion ended in the winter of 2007. If someone is looking for these, sure there are many bottles still around.. or you can wait 50 more years to maybe get a wiff of the historic scents, on the next relaunch.

Here is a picture of the bottle of Le De from Givenchy

Here are a few more products that carry the Givenchy brand as well as the Givenchy pricetag

Givenchy black studded shoes

above are Givenchy  black studded shoes, very hot, $535, Barneys.com and below we have one of the styles of eyewear from the Givenchy eyewear collection.

Givenchy 2007 winter collection